01 August

"I invite you to be faithful to the rich tradition
of the scout movement, committed into the
formation to dialogue, the sense of justice, loyalty,
brotherhood in social relationships.
Such a style of life may be your original contribution
to the realisation of a greater and more authentic fraternity
between the European peoples, a precious
contribution to the life of the societies in which you live 

A simple explanation for a difficult word

Helene Magne

Citizenship, civism,…. Sometimes, we don’t really know what that means in the context of scouting. How to become good citizens and why should that be a task of the scout pedagogy? 

Well, it’s about… creating bonds between persons of one community! That is exactly what we are doing at Euromoot: hundreds of small groups of rovers and rangers hike and camp together with groups from other countries in order to create bonds beyond the borders, to create international friendships that will last even after Euromoot.

In Aids to Scoutmastership, Baden-Powell tells us : “Citizenship has been defined briefly as ‘active loyalty to the community.’ In a free country it is easy, and not unusual, to consider oneself a good citizen by being a law-abiding man, doing your work and expressing your choice in politics, sports, or activities, ‘leaving it to George’ to worry about the nation’s welfare. This is passive citizenship. But passive citizenship is not enough to uphold in the world the virtues of freedom, justice, and honour. Only active citizenship will do.” 

In a nutshell, a scout is called develop all the talents God entrusted him with, in the service of the community in which he lives! 

>>>> Are you ready to face the challenge?

Euromoot, mountain and faith

02 August "When you go back home, in your families, in your communities, enriched by the experience of these days, let Jesus’ words re-echo in you: « I am with you always, to the end of the age” (Mt, 28, 20).Supported by his grace, try to fulfil your commitment with a...

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