Arrival at the Euromoot

Thibault van den Bosche, Alexandra Marchewicz, Thomas Kröger

We met a small group from Slovakia on their first camp-site in Aquapendente.  We talked to Rebeka, Noémi, Eva, Katarína, Helena, Ema and Tereza who came with three other groups from Slovakia to participate in the Euromoot. The journey by bus was long, but good. Next week, the guides will walk together with a group from Spain and a group from Switzerland. “We are so excited to be here! We expect to strengthen our scout fraternity beyond the borders and to make a lot of new friends!”

In Assisi, we met two rovers from Belgium, Petro and Adrien. Even though they had to walk in the mountains under boiling Italian sun, they couldn’t help smiling. Why? „Because being together is the most important thing, and this experience is given only once in a lifetime.“ For Pedro and Adrien there was no doubt about that. Euromoot is a meeting nobody should miss. „Because it is a highlight of being a scout“, as the interviewees reassured us. The pilgrimage to Assisi was a moment of bonding with their twin clan from Italy. When asked what surprised them the most about the twinning, they replied without hesitation: „their motivation to keep going, no matter what.“

In Casamari, we meet Capucine, the Fire leader of Clermont-Ferrand, France, together with 14 senior
What is your route plan for the Euromoot?
We plan to walk alone for the first three days, in order to deepen our friendships and strengthen our
relationships among sister guides. For the next three days, we will walk with our twinned fire from
Germany to get a better understanding of the European aspect of our scouting.
Has the Euromoot ever surprised you?
Oh yes! To be honest, it was not planned to stop here, I thought this point would not be open yet,
but when we arrived on the spot, it showed that it was already open, we are very happy to be here,
with the other guides.
What do you expect from Euromoot?
-We would like to enjoy the European dimension of the Federation of European Scouting, I think that
this is our main goal.

Greetings Bruno Borde

Euromoot 2019 Rome Bruno Borde, Federal Commissioner   Dear Rovers and Rangers, We are arriving at the end of this Road: The 2019 Euromoot. During several days, you had the opportunity to live a true and real experience. First of all, by this journey across Italy...

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How to continue the Euromoot?

How to continue the Euromoot? Thibault van den Bossche Euromoot 2019 is the meeting of 5,000 rovers and rangers of Europe, from more than 20 various countries, around Pope Francis. Among the most represented are Italy (2,500 participants), France (840) and Poland...

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Greetings Card. Bagnasco

Vatican CityFrancis' audience with the International Union of European Guides and Scouts at EUROMOOT, Saturday 3 August 2019Greeting address Holy Father,Thank you very much for accepting to meet the European Guides and Scouts at their European gathering, EUROMOOT, in...

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Be women and men of hope!

Be women and men of hope!Franziska HarterThis morning, the 1,200 rovers and rangers gathered in Soriano for the last camp day heard a true word of fire from Mgr Jean-Claude Hollerich who celebrated the Holy Mass with them. “If you go to a garage 40 minutes every week,...

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Various cultures, and a same ideal

Various cultures, and a same idealThibault van den BosscheAbout thirty senior guides are sitting on the ground in small groups, with a small wooden board and a few cups of paint in between their legs. It’s a special activity, this afternoon, on the stadium of...

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