01 August

"I invite you to be faithful to the rich tradition
of the scout movement, committed into the
formation to dialogue, the sense of justice, loyalty,
brotherhood in social relationships.
Such a style of life may be your original contribution
to the realisation of a greater and more authentic fraternity
between the European peoples, a precious
contribution to the life of the societies in which you live 





First impression on Siena

Siena. If I was to describe only in one word after visiting it (which, believe me, is almost impossible) it would be: multidimensional.
During our short time there, what stroke us was the fact that Siena is a place where you cannot tell exactly which building is from which era in history, but nobody can deny that the architecture is still combined in the most harmonious way. Somehow it all fits – the Neoclassic greets the Baroque and Renaissance, creating a whole.

Interview with Cécile Lannoy, fire leader from Belgium

1. What is the educational purpose of the Euromoot?
One of the basic reasons for the creation of the Guides and Scouts of Europe in 1956 was to promote
a culture of peace. Allowing young people from all countries to meet in a positive and constructive
atmosphere builds lasting links between young people from different countries and allows them to
discover the differences and qualities of others. When you are used to meet young people from

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