Dear scout of Europe be welcome!

Dear scout of Europe be welcome!

Welcome! This may be the nicest word to say to 4,500 rovers and wayfarers from all over Europe and beyond.  

Welcome first and Thank you just after. Thank you for believing in this idea and for having picked up this challenge of living this experience together. 

Twelve years after the last Euromoot organised by our movement, we are aiming at creating an activity focused on the leaders and their units, clans and fires: you were in charge of deciding when to start the Euromoot, where to start from, with whom to share the route… We have only set the arrival point for all, i.e. a meeting with our Holy Father, at the heart of the Church, so as to get more and more involved in it. Six saints as guides for four major routes that lead to four location points close to Rome where we shall prepare ourselves for our meeting with our Holy Father, Pope Francis.

We are gathering to discover again our common European Christian roots, which today are attacked and questioned. We are Scouts of Europe, that’s our badge sewn on our uniform. And we are called, as such, to build a better Europe, not torn by political games, but built on a common basis of culture and sensitivity. It’s always a challenge to recognise what unites us rather than to dwell upon that which divides us. What I am asking of each one of you during this time of journeying and of gathering is to search for the Beautiful, to search for the Good, to search for all that unites us, always! We can discover our nature again, the nature of our continent by revisiting the life and the ways of our patron saints of Europe – St. Catherine, St. Benedict, St. Francis, St. Cyril and Methodius, and St. Paul who is very close to our scouting.

Some time ago, I read a critical article about Europe describing it as someone old and burdened with a backpack too heavy with history, a burden that reduces its speed. Yet, someone described us as dwarves on the shoulders of giants. As true rovers and wayfarers, we mustn’t ever forget what we have in our backpacks; we must like our history and our values, and we must make use of them. Our values help us to understand and to value the gift of life: what may appear superficial and trivial to many people becomes interesting and even inspirational to whoever holds the right key to understand a landscape, a building, a picture or a song…  

It’s no doubt true that we have a backpack in which there is a whole jumble. But it would be a deep mistake to throw away what may seem today outdated or unnecessary… I was taught that all this weighs us down. But this weight comes in handy to better engrave our footprint in the sand of time. Our pace as Europeans may sometimes be heavy and slow…. precisely because we are bearing on our shoulders this backpack also containing the “past tense”. But we know that on the route, the pace of a crew walking forward never uses the pace of the quicker, but always the pace of the slower… it’s the only way for a community to not break up, and thus to open the possibilities of a common future together. 

With God’s help, we can together confirm our Promise. It’s lovely to see that just as our European Scouting uses various ways to lead us to the same destination, this Euromoot also wants to lead on various ways to a common objective, respectful of the needs, the traditions and the journeys of each one, whilst propelling us closer to one another. We have all made the same Promise. We have all taken or will take the same Departure or Commitment. All we now have to do is to share a little journey on the way together! 

Pietro, RS, 

Euromoot commissioner

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