Euromoot is finished – the adventure continues!

Euromoot 2019 “Parate viam Domini” concluded on Saturday with an audience with the Holy Father and a Holy Mass in Saint Peter’s Basilica celebrated by Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco. The event brought to Rome more than five thousand young people from UIGSE-FSE from around twenty countries. “Give, always in this way, going ahead; not with the desire to possess that always holds you back. “Give and it will be given to you”. It will be giving that fulfils your desire. I hope, dear guides and rovers of Europe, that you will clear the way for the path of giving, that you will clear this path of the gift, of giving.” said Pope Francis to the young people belonging to the Union Internationale des Guides et Scouts d’Europe – Fédération du Scoutisme Européen (UIGSE-FSE) who had walked towards Rome during one week. One of the most moving moments was when the young people spontaneously sang the song of the scout promise, each in his own language, at the end of Pope Francis’ address. The full message (IT/EN) and a video of the audience are available here:

Groups of 20 to 50 young people of 2 or 3 different nationalities hiked along the historical paths of Umbria, Abruzzo, Tuscany and Lazio in the footsteps of great saints such as St. Paul, Saints Cyril and Methodius, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Benedict of Nursia or St. Catherine of Siena, saints who, apart from the fact that some of them are protectors of Europe, represent with their life an ideal example to follow, in the rediscovery of the Christian cultural legacy. During this time, the young people participated in the “Mobilia Scriptoria”, an activity inspired by the great commitment of Benedictine monasticism transmitting culture and faith after the decline of the classical age. To each route was assigned one of the four gospels. The young people walking along the routes reflected on a passage of the Gospel with a Lectio Divina, and then made a handcrafted copy of the respective passage and their own comments, arising from the Lectio Divina. All four Gospels were thus entirely copied by these young people, bound in a book and offered to the Holy Father at the audience.

In the four meeting campsites near Rome, the Rovers and Rangers had the opportunity to discover the traditions and characteristics of each participating nation, listened to historical and spiritual conferences and, divided into thematic workshops, dedicated themselves to the learning of new skills, from singing to the value of the custody of the creation, and scout techniques of outdoor living.

On August 3, 25 years after the audience of Scouts of Europe with St. John Paul II, all the participants, coming from the four final campsites near Rome, gathered in Rome in the Hall Paul VI for the audience with His Holiness Pope Francis. Afterwards, they moved into the Saint-Peter’s Basilica to attend the final Mass celebrated by His Eminence Cardinal Bagnasco. “You have the vigour of the youth years, years full of dreams and hopes, of daring and promises. But remember, the youth of the heart has no age: the years go by fast, but youth must remain always even if veiled by that patina of wisdom that time gives to those who embrace it serenely. For this reason, we can say that the words of John the Baptist are good for all of us,” explained the Cardinal Archbishop of Genoa to the young people present in the Basilica, recalling the motto of Euromoot 2019 “Parate viam domini”. The answer to the words of Saint John the Baptist arising from the tomb of Peter are the martyrs and saints, women and men who gave their lives for Jesus, thousands of saints who prepared the ways of God. Sacrifice is the other name of love and joy is trusting Jesus, reiterated the cardinal; faith is not a set of emotions or good feelings, Christian life means living in relation with Christ. The saints have understood that the most important thing about existence is not to be important but to be useful and that freedom is not doing what you want, but choosing the good and the truth.

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Euromoot is finished – the adventure continues!download


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