02 August

"When you go back home, in your families, in your communities,
enriched by the experience of these days,
let Jesus’ words re-echo in you: « I am with you always,
to the end of the age” (Mt, 28, 20).
Supported by his grace, try to fulfil your commitment
with a renewed enthusiasm; thus scouting will be for you
« a means of sanctification within the Church »
that will favour and encourage «a more
intimate union between concrete life and your faith ».

Euromoot, mountain and faith

By Jean Huot

My Italian brothers, you have a beautiful country! Its sun, its welcoming inhabitants, their musical language and its cuisine have born us well… Our surprise is that Italy is a fearsomely mountainous country!

You leave in the morning, in shape, you may take a gentle descent. You know then that the camp is far away, but you do not care, you don’t think about it. We are comfortable, as a group, maybe we chat a little, we joke or share. We smile, the weather is beautiful (except on Sunday 😉 😉), the temperature is still cool and pleasant.

Let’s see our team a little later in the afternoon. The temperature has had its effect, all are dripping with sweat. The climb is rough, shortness of breath slows down the walking pace. The bag hurts the shoulders, bruises are to be expected for tonight. We then think about everything that clutters the bag, and we may regret this or that comfort item that seemed indispensable to us, but now we can see that we can get rid of it. With tiredness we start thinking about the distance to travel, we develop strategies to last, we are thinking about the camp more and more, we hope for it. We dream of a shower or at least the watering point …

We can see the camp: all of a sudden our bag gets lighter, our step lengthens, we find a second breath for the last part of the road, we have almost arrived!

We’re finally getting to the camp! The camp leader is here to welcome us, with a welcoming word. We put our pack down, the pain stops, we take time to rest, to get back in shape. The joy of having reached the camp shows up.

So it is with your life of faith. You walk carefree, satisfied with your situation, your goods, your friends, your comfort: with ease. The Lord is far from your concerns.

Your life is less easy, cluttered by a whole lot of things, you suffer setbacks, you know disappointments. You then think about what really makes your life and, we hope, the Lord who is waiting for you. He promises to welcome you in his camp with tenderness and simplicity he who is sweet and humble of heart. You also think of the superfluous that clutters your life, that hinders your progress, the weight of your sins, the time you did not take to organise your “spiritual” pack to go to the Lord.

The announcement of an important step in your life of faith motivates you, you regain enthusiasm and dynamism. You see the step on the way. You then feel lighter, ready to run joyfully to the Lord. But he is ahead of you, and expecting you as the father of the prodigal son runs in front of him.

Finally, you arrive at the “camp of rest and joy where he has pitched his tent and ours for eternity,” but this step is for later. You still have a long way to go, and this path is Jesus who offers himself to us as “the living road” because He is “the way, the truth and the life.”

Take advantage of your remaining time to make your pack lighter with the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and take full advantage of this stage in Rome where the Lord is waiting for you!

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02 August "When you go back home, in your families, in your communities, enriched by the experience of these days, let Jesus’ words re-echo in you: « I am with you always, to the end of the age” (Mt, 28, 20).Supported by his grace, try to fulfil your commitment with a...

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