28 July

"I warmly hope that the scout movement,
which was born from the profound insight of Lord Robert Baden Powell,
will continue to bear fruit in the spiritual
and civil formation of human beings in all countries in the world.  

Europe belongs to Christ!

Interview with Katarzyna Kieler, Federal Vice Chairman

by Joanna Dunin

1. What can Europe learn from FSE?

Europe can learn identity from FSE, that’s the answer to your question of what it is and what it should be. And it should be a community in which every country has an important place because it brings its richness and great value to it. Europe can and should remember (also thanks to FSE) its roots. Just like FSE, it is Christian and belongs to Christ and to Mary, who show the way and direct our action.

2. Is it important to work on European Integration? Is it a challenge?

Working on integration is important. Thanks to meeting people from different countries we can learn a lot from them. Every association has its own value. Our biggest loss would be to think: “We in our country are so amazing that we don’t need to learn from others”.

What can you learn from every country in the Federation? Ask yourself this question when you meet another fire/clan on your way.

3. What is the meaning of the road in your life?

The road raised me and raises me. Thanks to it I am who I am. The road teaches me humility, shows me what the most important is in life and what is really necessary. The road teaches me to love God, the other person, nature and myself. The road makes me stronger. The road shows me the truth. The road teaches me to serve and strips me from selfishness. The road makes me happy. I thank God for giving me scouting thanks to which I got onto the way.

Answer the question: what is the road to you? Are you different because of it?

4. Why is Euromoot important to FSE?

Euromoot shows that we are part of something great, that scouting is not only my fire, my clan, my team, my pack. Just as in the Church we make a great Family. I can see by myself how great and strong this Family is precisely during Euromoot. What the World Youth Days are to the Church, Euromoot is to FSE. But for it to be this way, I need to open up to every ranger/rover, whom God will place in front of me during this road. Just as if “she”, no matter what country she lives in, is part of my fire. Just as if “he”, no matter what country he lives in, is part of my clan.

Every day give thanks for every new ranger/rover/chaplain/sister you met during that day.

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What is Europe for you?

Interview with Bruno Borde, the UIGSE-FSE Federal Commissioner 
and Katarzyna Kieler, Federal Vice Chairman
by Joanna Dunin
What can Europe learn from FSE?
The UIGSE-FSE is able to show that we are able to live together among diverse European countries and abroad

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