First impression on Siena

Aleksandra Marchewicz

Siena. If I was to describe only in one word after visiting it (which, believe me, is almost impossible) it would be: multidimensional.
During our short time there, what stroke us was the fact that Siena is a place where you cannot tell exactly which building is from which era in history, but nobody can deny that the architecture is still combined in the most harmonious way. Somehow it all fits – the Neoclassic greets the Baroque and Renaissance, creating a whole.
Elements of sacrum and profanum are interlinked both in architecture and in the atmosphere of the city. Just like in life.
And that is the feeling you will find yourself experiencing when visiting Siena: imagine walking through an unforgettable labyrinth of charming streets and corners revealing new wonders to anyone who dares to enter.
I sincerely hope everyone who can – will.

Siena is also a location that gave Europe one of its greatest Saints and Patrons which – for the Scouts of Europe – has a special meaning.
A symbol of united Europe walking towards one direction – just like we all do now during the Euromoot.
Our road is a place of a meeting of exchange of experiences between us scouts and guides. Sometimes we need a stop on our way to recharge our “inner batteries” in order to move forwards.

Siena could not be more perfect town for that purpose. Not only a great place to admire architecture or threat yourself to obnoxiously huge amounts of ice cream (if you can – do it!)…. But more importantly Siena is a place that helps us to reflect on the unity of Christian Europe in the person of St. Catherine of Siena. If you have the chance to visit this magical city of Siena, do not even think twice and come to the Basilica of St. Domenico where there is one of the oldest paintings of Saint Catherine. Just come and say ”Hi” to her! 🙂

Oh, and of course, dear fellow travelers, have some ice cream while you are there. It is a must:) As there is nothing more fun than eating something delicious while experiencing something unique and beautiful !

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