28 July

"I warmly hope that the scout movement,
which was born from the profound insight of Lord Robert Baden Powell,
will continue to bear fruit in the spiritual
and civil formation of human beings in all countries in the world.  

From Assisi to Europe

It is considered a holy city of Christendom: Assisi! As the birthplace of the Franciscan Order, this ancient temple city, which kept its unique character throughout the Middle Ages, attracts pilgrims from all over the world. Through a maze of narrow streets, scouts hike up the steep hill to the church of S. Francesco. Their final pilgrimage destination is Rome. But here, on the West side of Mount Subasio, they are taking a rest. They are wearing a brown neckerchief. It indicates the same lifestyle that brought Saint Francis and his brothers to this city, i.e. simplicity.

Contrary to wealth and consumption, they do without soft duvets and other comfort items and lead a simple life. It is neither a gift, nor an easy adventure. They walk with smiling faces through the streets of the city and attract many tourists with their frank smiles. The people they meet can feel something of a deep joy that moves them. A joy that has its origin in faith. They take their lives into their own hands and build practically a European brotherhood that is so often required. They want to be the messengers of peace and dialogue of Saint Francis. They are happy to meet here at Euromoot, to share ideas and to discover their common European roots. Their badges on their uniforms show it: all of them come with their own traditions, their own customs. But they are European Scouts and their mission, which they give themselves, is to build a better Europe, a Europe based on Christianity.

Thomas Kröger

Europe belongs to Christ!

Interview with Katarzyna Kieler, Federal Vice Chairman

1. What can Europe learn from FSE?

Europe can learn identity from FSE, that’s the answer to your question of what it is and what it should be.

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What is Europe for you?

Interview with Bruno Borde, the UIGSE-FSE Federal Commissioner 
and Katarzyna Kieler, Federal Vice Chairman
by Joanna Dunin
What can Europe learn from FSE?
The UIGSE-FSE is able to show that we are able to live together among diverse European countries and abroad

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