03 agosto

"E quando la strada diventerà più difficile,
ricordate che siete figli e figlie della Chiesa.
La Chiesa è vostra Madre; essa vi sostiene
ma conta anche su di voi! Siete chiamati ad amarla
e a servirla con la gioia e la generosità della vostra giovinezza.

Greetings of Antonio Posa, Federal Chairman

Dear Rangers and Rovers,
At the end of the first Euromoot, when I held the same position as Pietro, I said to myself « Never more! » and I was wrong.
I’ll start from here to share some thoughts:
The Departure is the beginning of a journey but it doesn’t assure us of what we shall find during our journey, we play our part, but we need to accept the way that God wants for us, this knowledge doesn’t make us stronger but freer.
The life and the story of the Saints that you have met during your journey is the confirmation of their faith in God, up to giving one’s life.
So, yours in scouting!
The second thought is about you:
Real happiness is to make your life a gift, who will succeed will be happy.
Who answers a vocational call, will be in the Church. Who chooses marriage will be in the Family. Who will do other routes will focus on other goals to fulfil themselves.
They are all calls that we need to pay attention to, to listen without fear, this doesn’t mean that the journey will be simple (there will be tough times and some tears), but come back to the first reflection: have faith in God.
Love and be loved, every day. Sometimes, we might forget that to be loved is not foregone, the journey teaches us that if we want to accept someone, we need to be accepted, to become a pilgrim.
So be happy. I hope that your life will be full of joy and the difficulties won’t stop your route.
In conclusion:
the Europe of finance and politics will maybe end soon. Our Europe of values and Christian tradition is more alive than ever, so it is vital to try to export these values overseas (a special greeting to our American brothers and sisters), we have trustworthy testimony: You!

Yours in Scouting.

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