03 agosto

"E quando la strada diventerà più difficile,
ricordate che siete figli e figlie della Chiesa.
La Chiesa è vostra Madre; essa vi sostiene
ma conta anche su di voi! Siete chiamati ad amarla
e a servirla con la gioia e la generosità della vostra giovinezza.

Greetings of Marco Platania, Chairman of the Italian association

Dear Rangers and Rovers, dear Rover leaders and Ranger leaders, Welcome.

You have arrived here in Rome, the Italian capital city, after having journeyed a long way.

You have walked through small villages, through huge valleys, over little roads, you have walked on heavy mountain paths and you have been hosted by churches and abbeys. The rain of the first days didn’t stop your walk. You knocked and someone opened to you, they received you with smiles and hugs. You had special journey mates: Francis, Benedict, Paul and Catherine with Cyril and Methodius, and they stayed with you during the entire route.

You have even discovered that legs can bring our body to do a lot of miles, but only your heart can bring your spirit far away, can ride across the faith path; only our hearts can bring our souls much higher, higher than the top of the mountain, to reach the Truth, that is God.

The route gave you gifts. It has given you the knowledge of brothers and sisters in Scouting, it made you discover places, and people of various cultures, maybe very different from the place you come from, but hospitable and open to a friendly meeting.

Your pack was full of very important things, essential if you need to do a journey. But having a well prepared backpack is not enough to live an experience that changes you. We need other things, more important things. Especially, we need to give meaning to our journey.

And then today, you are here, to meet the successor of Peter and to listen to his words. 

These will be the words that make sense, that give meaning and direction to our journey; a journey that will not finish today, but will continue along the roads of our lives.

I’m sure that thanks to Pope Francis we shall start our lives anew with our hearts and our minds richer than before.

Our country – a country of culture, history, arts and hospitality – was honoured to have you here. You gave us the joy of knowing you, the joy of being able to share with you a smile and the difficulty of the road, the joy of sharing the beauty of our places, the joy of sharing our tradition and with all these things, the hope for a better world.

A special thanks, at this time to all the Rangers and Rovers of the Federation that, as volunteers, have rendered an efficient and undercover service allowing every Euromoot unit to keep on with their activity, from logistics to pedagogy.

In my name, in the name of the general commissioners, Aline e Fabrizio, and in the name of the National association board, thank you to all of you, who in your own way- on the road and in the services- have joined Euromoot 2019, thank you for your significant faith testimony in the scout fraternity and, with all my heart, I wish you a great farewell, a great journey!