Interview with Cécile Lannoy, fire leader from Belgium

1. What is the educational purpose of the Euromoot?
One of the basic reasons for the creation of the Guides and Scouts of Europe in 1956 was to promote
a culture of peace. Allowing young people from all countries to meet in a positive and constructive
atmosphere builds lasting links between young people from different countries and allows them to
discover the differences and qualities of others. When you are used to meet young people from
other countries, you are less afraid of what you don’t know. We also learn, whether in a small team
or in a large gathering like this one, to build together a road programme, a convivial activity, etc.
despite the challenges of multiculturality, divergence of points of view and multilingualism. This is
one of the reasons why in the Euromoot not everything is organised by the central event
organisation: each group has been left with a great deal of autonomy, while at the same time
requiring twinning. We live the same Scouting in our different home countries, with the same codes,
laws, uniforms and ceremonies, but above all with the same values and ideals: This greatly facilitates
dialogue and encounter. And the opportunity to experience a huge international camp abroad is a
great motivation for young people aged 17-18!

2. Is the Scout education method still relevant in today’s world? What is the most important
Of course this method is still relevant today! The best argument is to see the young people grow and
flourish thanks to it. I would say that the greatest challenges of our time are a great lack of autonomy
and a lack of sense of concreteness. The consumer society and access to screens make it possible to
obtain everything instantly. Through its community life in which responsibility is taken and through
the contact with nature, scouting provides valuable answers to these deficiencies. A ranger (= elder
guide starting from the age of 17) learns to make choices and to attend the scout activities, which is
extremely difficult to obtain in times where everybody is extremely busy and where social networks
have made it possible to invite or refuse an invitation on the same day. A ranger learns to plan an
activity in advance by being attentive to all the concrete aspects rather than looking at the exact
address on her smartphone with the 4G and following her GPS. A ranger learns to manage an
interpersonal discussion without being able to escape the discussion by ignoring the person on
Facebook. A ranger learns to make efforts and to keep on going even if life in the nature is not as
comfortable as she would have liked. In short, it is probably not the only one, but it is a method that
offers a very pertinent answer to current crises.

3. Being an FSE scout and also a scout leader is certainly a demanding choice: why did you
choose to do it?
Being a Guide of Europe is indeed demanding, but Scouting activities give me so much that I am very
happy to experience them. That's a lot of what makes me live! Being a chef is even more demanding.
I no longer count the days of camp and the hours of preparation in my 7 years of leadership. I
continue to choose to give my time for the girls entrusted to me, because I see all the things that
should be brought to the world, all the things that are missing in education. And because I am
burning to serve to make the world a better place and if I am not able to have an impact to the whole
world, at least the few girls I work with may be happier because they are more free and more at

service. They will then be able to pass it on to others and take their place in the service to the world.
Scouting is the instrument I know best and that allows me to contribute to it through its tools.

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