30 July

"Dear young people, answer generously to Jesus Christ’s call
who invites you to « put out into deep water » and to become his witnesses.
You will discover the trust that Christ puts in you to invent a future with him.
In order to be accomplished, this mission entrusted to you by the Church
first requires cultivating an authentic life of prayer, nourished
by the sacraments, especially by Eucharist and Reconciliation. 

Nursia – the apostle among beers

Nursia. A small, yet picturesque town in Umbria, Italy. Rumour has it that it used to be the kingdom of magical creatures, where demons and fairies gathered since medieval times. Today, what we know for sure is that it is one of the red points of Euromoot: where rangers and rovers gather before continuing their road towards Rome. 


Moreover, and probably more importantly, it is the birth town of one of the patron saints of Euromoot – St. Benedict. His work had a vast influence in preserving the faith in Europe as well as establishing the Christian culture in the West. 

Nowadays, in the same town, we can find the monastery of St. Benedict’s order – an extraordinary community of young monks from all over the world, committed to the preservation of the integrity of Christian faith and here in Norcia since the year 2000. We got very curious about the history of this incredible place, especially since it suffered the great earthquake not so long ago. 


Year 2016. A great earthquake shook Central Italy. The monks, as well as the inhabitants of the town of Norcia, suddenly found themselves without any roof over their heads… And with no place to live in. After this unthinkable tragedy took place, many people decided to move to other cities, leaving Norcia behind.

The monks, however, were determined to stay. “God called us to Norcia” as Father Cassian reassured us in the interview. “You do not abandon something only because the times are difficult”. The father told us that what actually needs to be rebuilt is not only the monastery. Nor even the town of Norcia. 


It is faith. 


The whole of Europe needs to be born again in Christ in order to survive any “moral earthquake” in our times. In this situation, the collapse of the monastery might be interpreted as a symbol of rebirth, building the new foundation upon Tradition. It is universally acknowledged that the Benedictines played an important role in preserving faith in the European society for over 1,500 years. And they definitely still do so now. 


That’s why we asked Prior Cassian what he would like to say to the scouts and guides of Europe, if he had any words of wisdom on how to follow the path of Christ in our daily lives. His answer was clear: “As St. Benedict once said ‘we should run the way of God’s commands. With unspeakable sweetness of love.’ You see, he said: RUN, not just walk! As the road of life is not wide, we must stick to it: not go too much to the left nor to the right. In order to feel the presence of God we need to choose the narrow way.” 

We are all invited to follow the way of Christ as the prior affirmed. “Since scouts are walking on a sure path, it can be a parable for their lives, they have to choose the definite path, not just any path! And, of course, follow it with perseverance. Then, and only then, they will discover the fullness of love.”


Did you know that the monks of Nursia are also famous worldwide for their production of beer?  For that reason, we couldn’t help but ask the prior of St. Benedict’s order if he thinks that beer and evangelisation go hand in hand. He laughed but didn’t seem surprised. “In fact – yes!” he said. “The beer makes people curious, they start asking questions: about the monastery, about faith…”. 

The monks might be ascetics, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t appreciate the goodness of the Lord. To be honest, even the Latin motto of the brewery and the beer itself means: “So the heart might rejoice!” 


The monks from Nursia prove that anything can be God’s perfect tool to bring people to Him. From Beer to God – “so the heart might rejoice!”.


I Reale means the addition of music quality to the authenticity of reality which make professionalism put at the service of a Mission.
They are musicians walking on the way to find happiness because after a difficult adolescence, they are rediscovering that “happiness” coincides with Faith in God.

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Europe, the Obscure

Europe, a very beautiful daughter of the king of Tyre, is picking flowers by the sea. Suddenly, a white bull appears and approaches her feet. Fascinated by the prodigious animal, she sits down on his rump and what she considers nothing more than a game turns out to be a kidnapping: the bull enters the sea and takes her to the West, towards the beaches of Crete, where he reveals his identity to her: he is Zeus, who does violence to her.

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Twinned fires on the road – Certosa di Trisulti

30 July "Dear young people, answer generously to Jesus Christ’s call who invites you to « put out into deep water » and to become his witnesses. You will discover the trust that Christ puts in you to invent a future with him. In order to be accomplished, this mission...

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Mobile Scriptoria is an activity that takes place in all red points. Rovers and rangers can feel like copyist monks and are trying to perform the transcription of the Holy Bible. Each of the four paths has its assigned Evangelist, so together scouts are going to rewrite all four gospels.

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