30 July

"Dear young people, answer generously to Jesus Christ’s call
who invites you to « put out into deep water » and to become his witnesses.
You will discover the trust that Christ puts in you to invent a future with him.
In order to be accomplished, this mission entrusted to you by the Church
first requires cultivating an authentic life of prayer, nourished
by the sacraments, especially by Eucharist and Reconciliation. 

Twinned fires on the road – Certosa di Trisulti

Today we are on the red point in Certosa di Trisulti, which is a former Carthusian monastery, now owned by Cistercians. It is located in Collepardo, province of Frosinone (central Italy). The abbey is surrounded by a massive line of walls. The entrance has a bust of Saint Bartholomew; it leads to a central square where there is a Romanesque-Gothic guesthouse, commonly known as the “Palace of Innocent III” and the church of Saint Bartholomew, also dedicated to the Virgin Mary and to Saint Bruno, founder of the Carthusians. 

On the red point Certosa di Trisulti we can meet a large international twinning (two fires from Italy, one fire from Poland and one fire from Argentina). The twinned fires walked together from Collepardo and intend to arrive all together in Rome. They are walking together only for one day but already have some beautiful experiences to share with us! 

We were talking with Sara from Foggia (Italy), Michaela and Maria from Buenos Aires (Argentina), Father Marcin, Emilia and Gabrysia for the fire from Radom (Poland).

What path have you chosen and why?

IT – We have chosen the path of saint Benedict because we hadn’t walked on it before. Other paths like, for example, the path of saint Catherine we already walked on together during the summer route of our fire two years ago.

PL – We have chosen this path because of its interesting landscapes, mountains, valleys, etc. and also because thanks to walking on this path we were able to visit Monte Cassino – a place that is very important to Polish history. We were there yesterday, and it was a really significant experience for our fire.

Did you find differences in the way of walking? For instance, who has the lightest backpack?

IT – It’s difficult to say. It seems that rangers from Poland have really heavy backpacks, they have a lot of food, but at the same time they are strong, and they’re probably walking faster than the rest of us. For the rangers from Argentina I think it’s quite difficult because normally they’re rovering without their backpacks.

What was for you the biggest surprise of this Euromoot?

IT – I didn’t expect to meet so many people from so many different nationalities so quickly, I thought we would only meet them on the yellow point and we’re in this international group from the very first day.

PL – Our plane landed in Pescara instead of Rimini because of the storm! It was a big surprise for us just at the beginning of our journey, but everything ended well. Thanks to that we were able to admire the moon on the empty beach of Pescara at 4 AM, it was a beautiful adventure after all.

What is the most important experience of those first days for you?

ARG – The possibility of sharing our faith with other rangers. It’s also beautiful that when you walk together, you need to learn to wait for the slowest of the whole group, that’s the way of building the community.

In which language are you speaking with each other?

PL – Sometimes it’s quite difficult to communicate, most rangers from our fire speak English and most rangers from Argentina and Italy speak Spanish and Italian. But even when we cannot communicate in spoken language, there are so many other ways to communicate.

What are you doing on your way?

ARG – We are usually singing, but today we were really tired because of the rain. We noticed that rangers from Italy talk a lot, and rangers from Poland pray on the way.

What do you expect from this Euromoot?

IT – I hope to get to know a lot of new people from different countries, we have already made friends with rangers from Rome and have met many guides from other countries, but I think that with other nationalities it takes more time to get to know one another.

PL – We would like to meet people from different countries and cultures and learn how to open ourselves to others – that’s something we hope to use in our daily life also after Euromoot. We hope this Euromoot will be for us an experience of the Christian community and will give us the possibility to experience the European dimension of FSE.


Paola Di Bartolomeo & Justyna Schönthaler

Nursia – the apostle among beers

30 July "Dear young people, answer generously to Jesus Christ’s call who invites you to « put out into deep water » and to become his witnesses. You will discover the trust that Christ puts in you to invent a future with him. In order to be accomplished, this mission...

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I Reale means the addition of music quality to the authenticity of reality which make professionalism put at the service of a Mission.
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Mobile Scriptoria is an activity that takes place in all red points. Rovers and rangers can feel like copyist monks and are trying to perform the transcription of the Holy Bible. Each of the four paths has its assigned Evangelist, so together scouts are going to rewrite all four gospels.

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