28 July

"I warmly hope that the scout movement,
which was born from the profound insight of Lord Robert Baden Powell,
will continue to bear fruit in the spiritual
and civil formation of human beings in all countries in the world.  

What is Europe for you?

Interview with Bruno Borde, the UIGSE-FSE Federal Commissioner 
and Katarzyna Kieler, Federal Vice Chairman

by Joanna Dunin

What can Europe learn from FSE?
The UIGSE-FSE is able to show that we are able to live together among diverse European countries and abroad : from Russia to the USA, including Ukraine, Belarus as well as Canada and Mexico. Through our scouting method, our faith, and our international activities such as Euromoot, we are able to show that we are actually living our European brotherhood. This brotherhood is expanding beyond Europe. The purpose of our scouting is to help young people to become a true citizen and a full Christian.

Is it important to work on European Integration?
If we wish to build our Europe of tomorrow, it’s important to do it with young people who will be in charge of our societies in the future. It’s necessary to build Europe since it is part of our roots and patrimony. We are responsible for the transmission of this legacy to the following generations. If we want to avoid new conflicts in the near future, we have to give people the possibility to meet each other, to share the richness of diverse European cultures and to open their minds.

Is it a challenge?
Yes, of course! To have Russians and Ukrainians camping together, to have Walloons and Flemish in the same Belgian association. But it is based on our history: the FSE was set up in Cologne by French people and Germans in 1956, just ten years after the Second World War. We accept the challenge of creating a peaceful society!

What is the meaning of the road in your life?
As a Christian, we are a pilgrim on earth to reach the eternal Rome or Jerusalem. So as a European scout, we are rovers on duty. So, we walk on our road with all the dimensions of our humanity. As a Rover Scout, I took my “Rover Departure”, so I take this way of life together with my brothers and sisters in scouting.

Why is Euromoot Important for FSE?
This event takes place every ten years. It allows our rovers and rangers to meet rovers and rangers from other countries. We have twenty different nationalities walking together in this Euromoot. Our FSE pedagogy is based on real activity and not on the virtual world of social media, even if the latter can help to reinforce our community. Rovers and rangers are also the leaders of tomorrow, so we are building our future now. Last but not least, it is also a showcase to the world of a youth able to take its own destiny in its hands.


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Europe belongs to Christ!

Interview with Katarzyna Kieler, Federal Vice Chairman

1. What can Europe learn from FSE?

Europe can learn identity from FSE, that’s the answer to your question of what it is and what it should be.

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