29 July

"In order to know Jesus, one has to set off.
On the way, we perceive that God is to be met in several ways:
through the beauty of his creation, when he intervenes
with love in our history, in the relations of brotherhood and
service that we have with our neighbor.

When Scouting is your “new Normal” – Krzysztof Jankowski HR

Happy husband for over two years. Law Graduate of the University of Warsaw.

Year 1991. Born and raised in Warsaw, Poland. 

Privately, a lover of Caucasian cuisine and jazz music.

Admits that he hardly recalls the times when he wasn’t a scout. But definitely remembers the exact month when he joined the Scouts of Europe: May 2002. His scout promise took place in extraordinary circumstances: during the Eurojam in 2003 in his motherland, Poland. He continued his scouting training for three years being a “normal scout” as he called himself jokingly, but his leadership skills couldn’t go unnoticed anymore. 

As a patrol leader for two years and a troop leader for half a decade, he proved that scouting is the “new Normal” and it is going to stay for good in his life. His service as a troop leader ended in memorable circumstances as well – at Eurojam in Normandy in 2014. The time between Eurojam in Poland and the other one in France was a period that went by in the blink of an eye. 

However, this was not the end of his service in FSE. On the contrary. Afterwards, for four years he was the commissioner of one of Warsaw’s districts. But, as he was in need of new challenges, he simultaneously led training camps for the green branch. Currently, he is a member of the Supervisory Board for UIGSE-FSE’s Polish association. 

And we believe this is only the beginning.

Alexandra Marchewicz

Where there is a wish, there is a path!

Interview with Milisenta Miseviciute

At some point it was clear for Milisenta: „I’ll be a tour guide!“ She gave up her safe job, despite the
advice of many relations, and from then on led holiday makers through her country and showed the
way to lost tourists. I could talk to her about her personal path within the FSE, about her duty as
Federal Commissioner Deputy and about the purpose of scouting.

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Dear Rangers, Dear Rovers,
1. The path of the ranger and of the rover
We describe the method of the red branch as a “path” which must be traversed. This path is beautiful, but also difficult, since everything that is beautiful and worthwhile demands effort.

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