29 July

"In order to know Jesus, one has to set off.
On the way, we perceive that God is to be met in several ways:
through the beauty of his creation, when he intervenes
with love in our history, in the relations of brotherhood and
service that we have with our neighbor.

Where there is a wish, there is a path!

Interview with Milisenta Miseviciute

At some point it was clear for Milisenta: „I’ll be a tour guide!“ She gave up her safe job, despite the advice of many relations, and from then on led holiday makers through her country and showed the way to lost tourists. I could talk to her about her personal path within the FSE, about her duty as Federal Commissioner Deputy and about the purpose of scouting.

In her school advertising for scouting had been done. She simply joined. Since then, she took part in a great number of summer camps. When the FSE will celebrate its 30th anniversary in Lithuania in 2022, Milisenta will have shared and shaped 25 of these years. I wanted to know what the most impressive moment in these years had been. She looked at me with large eyes: „Every scout knows that there are too many things to be able to pick out one of them“. So finally, she began to tell me. From the very first camp in an old and abandoned monastery in the middle of nowhere, the wet clothes, that simply wouldn’t dry, and the uncertainty of how to light properly a fire. Finally, she became Patrol leader, Company assistant and finally National commissioner for Lithuania. With ever increasing duties her responsibility also grew. “Naturally, there were many difficult times. Sometimes people don’t appreciate the service and you feel lonely with your views. Then, however, you receive in turn some positive feedback about things that took place 10 years ago”. For example, this wolvet. Milisenta is proud of this young girl who followed her own path within the association and is now a young woman who has accepted to serve as Akela. Or one of her former patrol members who has become National commissioner in Lithuania. “These are people who recognise the meaning of being a scout, and remain faithful to it. That’s what drives you!” Maybe it is also the patrol cry of her former patrol “Seagull” which still resonates in her heart, when problems come up: “We do not fear storms!”

Lithuania counts about 130 scouts, and belongs to the smaller countries within the Union. When scouts founded it in 1992, the French association helped to set up the association and to train the first leaders. Now, it is Milisenta who, as Federal Commissioner Deputy, helps to write on the history of the UIGSE-FSE, even though it is still a “strange thing” for her to be now sharing the responsibility for nearly 70.000 scouts. The experience of her leading position is giving her a helicopter view: “Other small associations are thinking ‘We cannot do this and that, because we are so small. We won’t ever be successful’. But we must overcome this view. Where there is a will, there is a path!” For anyone this saying should sound like a stereotype, but not with Milisenta: “It doesn’t matter whether you are en route with groups from large or small associations in the woods or in the mountains. It’s all about walking together on the road. Out there you can feel the unity and the common bond over the country borders. When you are having difficulties because of the heat or because of the rain, you will overcome them together and these experiences will precisely bring you to a greater unity.” That’s exactly what it’s all about during these days, she explains further to me, and her eyes begin to light up as we talk about the last Euromoot in Poland and Slovakia: “How could I forget it!” She also likes remembering the last Eurojam in France. In particular, the speech of former Federal Commissioner Martin Hafner: “If one of you 12,000 young people becomes a saint, we have reached our goal!” And that’s it, isn’t it? Our path should lead us to Heaven.”

And while we are parting, I can’t but think of the 3rd Point of the Scout Law: “A scout’s duty is to serve and save his neighbour” and to accompany him on his way to God. We need these meeting days and let’s not fear storms on our own path. Parate Viam Domini!”

Thomas Kröger

When Scouting is your “new Normal” – Krzysztof Jankowski HR

Happy husband for over two years. Law Graduate of the University of Warsaw.

Year 1991. Born and raised in Warsaw, Poland. 

Privately, a lover of Caucasian cuisine and jazz music.

Admits that he hardly recalls the times when he wasn’t a scout. But definitely remembers the exact month when he joined the Scouts of Europe: May 2002.

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Dear Rangers, Dear Rovers,
1. The path of the ranger and of the rover
We describe the method of the red branch as a “path” which must be traversed. This path is beautiful, but also difficult, since everything that is beautiful and worthwhile demands effort.

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